Rhythm of Grace is a women’s boutique specializing in dressing their clients according to their body type. In addition to our online presence, we carefully pick a mix of hand selected styles for our boutique from the most sought after designer brands to reflect the neighborhood and the lifestyles of our customers. Our customer is a chic, modern and contemporary woman with a sophisticated lifestyle. We create an intimate shopping experience where personal stylists work one-on-one with clients to create compelling looks.


At Rhythm of Grace, we offer a charming yet luxurious boutique shopping experience, whether it be in-store or online. We strive to be a leading contemporary boutique and fashion retailer.

Rhythm of Grace: The state of being or possessing "EFFORTLESS, REFINED, STYLE". Being noticed without striving to be noticed is what we're all about. As a company, it is our culture to illustrate this not only through our unique blend of apparel & accessories, but in our everyday lifestyle.


The company's mission is to empower women with confidence and style in every shopping experience.

  • Paid Vacations & Sick Days

  • Generous discounts & prizes

  • Great bonuses & gift rewards

  • Rachel Lewis


    “ Here at Rhythm of Grace we put people first! I especially love working with passionate, stylish and motivated team members. Apply now so we can grow together! ”